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Wade Keller On His Relationship With Dave Meltzer, Why They Didn't Speak For Nearly Twenty Years

Wade Keller Dave Meltzer

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Episode #311 of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling welcomes the man behind the PW Torch and the host of Podcast One's "The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, as Wade Keller joins today's show. Discussing all the happenings in the wrestling world as well as the evolution of wrestling media, Wade gives John and Chad the low down on a 30 year career as a pro wrestling journalist and the growth of his famed PW Torch.

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Wade Keller On His Relationship With Dave Meltzer Throughout The Years

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"We just saw each other a year and a half ago in Waterloo, Iowa at the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame and we hadn't talked ( and I'm trying to think the last time we talked on the phone) and hadn't seen each other in even longer but even talking on the phone it might have been at when Brian Pillman died and that might have been going on twenty years, which is crazy. I know we talked about it and figured it out but it was a really long time and we just picked up where we left off, I used to talk to Dave in the late 80s and the early 90s I'd probably talk to Dave on average six hours a week on the phone for years. I'm not quite sure at what point it happened but we just stopped because and as Dave says we just both got so busy. So in the early 90s we just kind of went our own way and just ended up talking to different people and I think each of our social circles expanded and in a way we just owed it to our readers and to chronicling wrestling to not talk to each other to the point that we would share each others opinions and that we would come to our own conclusions in our own newsletters on big stories and not share details to persuade each other. There was an unstated mutual belief that might be good for both of us and without any kind of falling out, we just kind of and I'm not even going to say grew apart we just floated apart and started getting really busy with our own things."

"There have been times where I was like I don't agree with what Dave wrote or I don't like even how he handled that situation with a source or with a controversy but just the totality of his work and his approach to what he does I have immense respect for and don't have any personal gripes with him and we certainly never had a falling out."

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