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WATCH: Backstage brawl involving former TNA/Lucha Underground star

UPDATE: Scroll down for the original story. We’re told that an issue with Hernandez and the promoter was the reason for him not wrestling on the show and it had nothing to do with the backstage brawl. There was an attempt to mend fences after 15 years but they were not able to make things work.

Hernandez posted the following on twitter:

ORIGINAL: The footage below was recorded on Saturday night prior to a Texas All-Star Wrestling show in Cypress, TX and features an altercation between former TNA/Lucha Underground star Shawn Hernandez and independent wrestler “Killer” Brent McKenzie. MECW wrestler Byron Wilcott’s version of the story is that Hernandez attempted to bully fellow wrestler McKenzie but he fought back. Wilcott tellsHernandez was left bleeding from the mouth and the side of his head.

Apparently, according to Wilcott, the brawl started when Hernandez walked up to McKenzie and began yelling at him but when McKenzie tried to diffuse the situation by shaking his hand, Hernandez responded by kicking him. That’s when McKenzie got up and the fight started. Wilcott can be seen breaking up the fight. Hernandez got into it verbally with Wilcott for a few minutes afterwards before others broke things up. Wilcott tells us that Hernandez left before the show started.

We’ve reached out to Hernandez for comment on this story.

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