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WATCH: Chris Jericho tells the crazy story about how he made his surprise appearance at All In


Last night's All In pay-per-view featured a heck of a surprise from Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks.

After IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega's victory over Pentagon, the lights in the Sears Centre went out. After several moments, the lights reappeared and it seemed as though nothing had happened. Omega was still celebrating his win as Pentagon laid on the canvas.

Abruptly, however, Pentagon shot up and began attacking Omega. For a man who had just gone through a grueling match with one of the world's best, he was moving as if he was fresh. After the beating, the man dressed as Pentagon removed his mask and it turned out to be Chris Jericho.

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The crowd erupted before Jericho got on the mic and said he'd see Omega on the Jericho Cruise. Shortly after the show, Jericho took to Instagram and gave the story about how he made the appearance happen given he had a Fozzy concert to get to later that night.

Jericho divulged that he flew from Little Rock, Arkansas to Chicago and landed at around 5:30 P.M. He then snuck into the Sears Centre and hid in The Young Bucks' office in the arena. He then dressed as Pentagon and made his appearance after the Omega vs. Pentagon match.

After that, Jericho got a private jet to fly him to his Fozzy gig in Kansas. Last night Jericho shocked the professional wrestling world and flew to another state for a rock concert. What a night for "Y2J.":