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WATCH: Cody Rhodes and Joey Ryan had a staring contest for IWGP US Championship


Currently, both Joey Ryan and Cody Rhodes are dealing with injuries at the moment. But that didn't stop them from appearing at World Series Wrestling over the weekend. Both Rhodes and Ryan were pulled from their respective matches at the show, and did meet and greets with fans instead. Ryan is suffering from a torn left pectoral muscle that will require surgery. Cody is dealing with a torn meniscus in his knee that he's rehabbing.

He will undergo surgery in January after his match with Ring Of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal on December 14th, and after his match at Wrestle Kingdom 14 on January 4th - which has yet to be announced. While Cody and Ryan weren't able to wrestle at the World Series Wrestling event, they did do an in-ring segment with each other.

Rhodes but his IWGP United States Title on the line against Ryan in a staring contest. Ryan was doing well until Brandi Rhodes came out and distracted him, forcing Ryan to look away and lose the match. Check out the staring contest here:

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