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WATCH: Cody Rhodes defended IWGP US Title against Joey Ryan in Rock, Paper, Scissors match


On Friday night, Cody Rhodes defeated Joey Ryan to retain the World Series Wrestling show in Melbourne. It was a staring contest for their first encounter but Ryan got his rematch at the show in Sydney, Australia (click here to see what went down).

The rematch was a 2-out-of-3 falls Rock, Paper, Scissors match. Ryan came up short and Rhodes successfully retained his title.

You can check out the "match" below:

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For those of you wondering why these two are not wrestling each other, it's because Rhodes is dealing with a torn meniscus and Ryan has a torn pec.

They deserve credit for doing what they could to entertain the fans under the circumstances. The fans definitely looked like they were having a good time. They will have a third match tonight in Sydney, Australia.