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WATCH: Joey Janela set boot on fire for superkick spot and it quickly went wrong



Joey Janela had some heat on him at Saturday’s GCW Maniac event, but it wasn't backstage-related. Instead, it was due to him setting his foot on fire.

He worked the main event against Drew Parker where he set his boot on fire to hit a superkick and executed it well. However, despite performing the spot, the fire continued and he sat in the middle of the ring while trying to get the boot off.

The announcers were concerned for him as the referee and other personnel tried putting it out with water. They eventually were able to extinguish the fire.

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After the match, Janela took to social media to joke about the spot:

Janela finished up with All Elite Wrestling this past March. Leading up to his deal expiring, Janela wasn’t used for months. Janela previously stated that AEW had gone “radio silent” with him and he wasn’t expecting to sign a new deal.

It was reported that there was heat on Janela for injuring Eddie Kingston as it changed weeks worth of TV plans and there was an internal belief that several talents were hurt while working with Janela. Janela later stated he and Kingston have zero heat over the “mistake” in addition to denying that he hurt Hangman Adam Page.