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WATCH: Stephen Amell tears the house down with The Bullet Club in San Antonio



Friday night was a big night for professional wrestling in Texas. Shawn Michaels was refereeing in San Antonio and Stephen Amell was making his membership into the Bullet Club official across town. It was a pretty great showing from television's Arrow and he impressed this sold-out crowd with not only his ability but the way he looked so at home among some of the world's Elite pro wrestlers.

Congratulations to Stephen Amell for a fantastic showing in San Antonio. This is just another way WWE dropped the ball

As lostinvelourian on Reddit brilliantly noted, "Amell is way better in the ring than he has any right to be." Amell really does look right at home alongside Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Cody Rhodes.

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This was an incredible first showing from Stephen Amell as he started off his run with Bullet Club's Elite in a big way. We can only hope with this kind of performance that there could be more high profile matches on the way for television's Arrow.

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