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Will Ospreay says he needs to slow down his in-ring style

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor star Will Ospreay recently took part in an AMA on Reddit to promote his upcoming documentary. During the AMA, Ospreay was asked about Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer saying that he feels like Ospreay needs to slow down his in-ring style because he worries about Ospreay wearing down his body.

“100%. I do need to slow it down,” Ospreay said. He added that he guesses he gets lost in the moment and believes he is still a wrestling fan as he is always thinking what the fans want to see. "The main thing to prove to everyone is that yeah, I might get hurt, but I’m not going to die,” Ospreay said. He added that he appreciate everyone’s concern, but he is okay.

Ospreay wrestled former WWE/WCW star Vader in August at the Revolution Pro Wrestling 'Uprising 2016' show at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London. When asked about the match, Ospreay said that it was an experience, but he would not want to wrestle Vader again.

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