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Wrestler charged in murder of his girlfriend, baby discovered home alone

There is a horrible story coming out of Houston, TX and it involves a man who wrestles for Booker T’s Reality Of Wrestling promotion. ABC 13 in Houston is reporting that Jasper Davis has been charged in the death of 24-year-old girlfriend Jennifer Nicole Mamo. If that is not horrific and sad enough, their 7-month-old was left home alone a few miles away.

According to the news report, the two were at a party and they got into a fight. He ended up killing her and dumping her into the back of his car. Prosecutors said that the argument started after Mamo accused Davis of flirting with another woman at the bar. Davis allegedly told deputies that Mamo grabbed a gun during the fight and it fired when he tried to take it away from her. According to court documents, Davis said that Mamo was shot in the face.

Davis drove to a nearby creek to dump the body but the car got stuck so he called his friend for help. His friend arrived and saw the body and declined to help him. Instead, the friend called 911. Davis then called his father to ask for help. His father went and helped to get his car unstuck and he did not know that his son had his dead girlfriend’s body. Deputies arrived at the home and were able to take the 7-month-old to a safe location.

I would assume that ROW will want to quickly disassociate themselves from him over this horrific story. His profile, as of this writing is up at the Reality Of Wrestling website.

Here is the story from ABC 13 in Houston:

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