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Wrestler who knocked out luchador with concrete block being advertised as ‘Brick Thrower’

Last month a very disturbing incident occurred during a Lucha Memes and Lucha Libre Boom’s “Rumores Blasfoemos” event on +LuchaTV. In a match between Demonio and El Cuervo de Puerto Rico, Demonio tossed a concrete block at Cuervo’s head outside the ring. Cuervo was hit and subsequently knocked out for a brief period of time. Apparently, Demonio’s actions were a receipt for some hard chair shots from Cuervo earlier in the match.

Cuervo required brain surgery after the bout to remove a blood clot. As a result of his actions, Demonio was indefinitely suspended by Mexico’s Boxing and Wrestling Commission. Cuervo has recently been released from the hospital after brain surgery. After all the commotion, it looks like Demonio is still getting bookings.

In fact, he’s taking advantage of his newfound publicity. He’s being advertised for upcoming shows in Mexico under the name “The Brick Thrower.” The  Lucha Juarez promotion has been advertising Demonio as a star of their show, and are even using the cinder block he knocked out Cuervo with as a selling point.

Recently, Demonio released a statement in regards to what happened with Cuervo, expressing his devastation. Here’s what he had to say:

“I feel very bad for the guy, I am devastated as a person and dismayed for Cuervo, for me it has been very difficult  these days, I just ask that it (surgery) goes well”

Gran Función de Lucha Libre este Domingo. No te Puedes perder ?Ángel o Demonio?

Posted by Lucha Juarez on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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