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WWE Devleopmental Talent Joe Cabray AKA Luther Ward Shoot Interview

by Darren and Stephen sat down with former WWE Developmental talent Joe Cabray aka Luther Ward.

Having spent time in Florida as a WWE talent, we asked for his thoughts on his run in the company.

"I'd been wrestling for about 8 years at that point and I just decided it was probably time for me to take a step forward."

"I came to the realization that WWE was the only place that I could continue on in Wrestling and make good money".

"I'm so grateful that I got there". "It was what it was and it wasn't for me"

Cabray also gave some advice for those that want to make it to WWE.

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"You can't watch wrestling as a fan anymore, you gotta start watching Wrestling as a wrestler. You gotta look now at the top wrestlers the way they move, you gotta watch the way they put themselves out there in terms of the way they walk around the ring and their physcology".

"WWE is not going to even look at you if your not in the gym".

"If you want to do it, youv'e got to really bust your ass and if you think you are, then you have to multiply that by ten".

The full video interview is available to view at

Cabray also talks about the differences between working WWE and Independent shows:

Also tells a road story about working in Germany :