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WATCH: Young Bucks hit special Meltzer Driver in memory of Herbert Meltzer

SI, NY Times

SI, NY Times

Dave Meltzer isn't just a combat sports writer. His Wrestling Observer Newsletter has become synonymous with insider news in sports entertainment, MMA, boxing, and life in general. We can't wait to delve into Dave's newsletter every Wednesday evening to see what kind of insider knowledge he is going to bestow on us each week.

As much as he is revered and respected in the pro wrestling world Dave Meltzer is still a human and susceptible to heart break and tragedy just like anyone else. His father Herbert Meltzer recently entered Hospice due to being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and sadly passed away due to kidney failure on Sunday.

Dave wrote a few words about his father on F4Wonline and you could tell Herbert Meltzer enjoyed every bit of life he could until the very end.

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"He was diagnosed two weeks ago with pancreatic cancer and passed away due to kidney failure. He was still going to plays as late as Saturday, before he was taken to the hospital on Sunday and then put into hospice care after leaving the hospital on Thursday morning."

Herbert Meltzer was a man who loved life and the beautiful things that made the world interesting. The Young Bucks are notorious fans of Dave Meltzer and vice versa. One of Matt and Nick Jackson's signature moves is called The Meltzer Driver named after the famous writer who historically enjoys their matches.

Nick Jackson said on Sunday night they were going to do a very special Meltzer Driver in honor of Dave's late father Herbert.

The Young Bucks faced off against Roppongi Vice on the second night of New Japan's G1 USA show in what would turn out to be Beretta and Romero's final match as a team.

During their match against Roppongi Vice, The Young Bucks certainly followed through in their promise to execute the craziest Meltzer Driver ever. You can check out the move below and watch it over and over again because it was just ridiculous. This was certainly a touching tribute to say the least.