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Young Bucks receive offer from indie fed to use as many "too sweets" and "suck its" they want

Scott Finklestein

Scott Finklestein

The Young Bucks were recently given a cease and desist from WWE concerning the fact Vince McMahon and Company claim ownership over the "too sweet" hand gesture and catchphrase.

They were threatened with a $150,000 fine and it could be larger if they don't stop using the hand gesture at their shows and on their merchandise.

Dave Meltzer recently noted on Wrestling Observer Live how WWE's cease and desist for The Young Bucks is a rather hypocritical move. It was mentioned how WWE might not even win if this case was actually taken to court but who has time to go to court with WWE and their endless sea of attorneys on retainer?

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But the legal threats from WWE aren't going to phase International Wrestling Syndicate. IWS is the same Canadian wrestling company where Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn got their start but they've had big names come through the promotion for years. They actually hosted The Young Bucks not too long ago. So there's an obvious affiliation there.

IWS recently sent out a message to Nick and Matt Jackson telling them International Wrestling Syndicate is now considered sovereign territory for The Jackson Brothers. Therefore, The Young Bucks are free to travel to IWS anytime they would like in order to throw up as many "too sweets" and "suck its" they would like.

Even though this is a generous offer it would still be difficult to hide The Young Bucks' actions in IWS due to the company's television deal and free iPPVs. But it's the thought that counts and this is certainly a pretty sweet thought. It might even be too sweet, but let's not take it too far. After all, we don't have time for a cease and desist letter from WWE either.

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