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Adam Cole comments on Ring of Honor joining Destination America

Former Ring of Honor Champion Adam Cole appeared on Ring Rust Radio recently and spoke about ROH joining Destination America as well as if TNA is competition to them now that they’re on the same network and night. Here are the highlights.

On ROH joining Destination America: “I was shocked, I was also just as floored as everybody else was. ROH offices kept everyone in the dark as far as what was going on. However, the excitement level through the talent and how everyone feels now is so amped. We’ve been working so hard for an opportunity like this. I believe this is a giant step forward for us. I think we’re gonna be an additional last 57 million homes now so just be the acceptability and the viewership potential for Ring of Honor is now so much stronger but then something that they are our entire team is work very hard work we show that we deserve it. And we’re not gonna give anybody any reason to believe that we should not be on a national cable television or Sin Claire platform. “

On if TNA is competition to ROH now that they’re on the same night and network as each other: “Well, I actually don’t really look at it as either and what I mean by that is that ROH has been solely on making itself better and especially after we struck gold in 2014-2015. We don’t live in our own bubble, but we look more at what were doing internally rather than looking at what everyone else is doing. We’re trying to make ourselves look better. Whether that be our production or our talent or our matches or whatever it is. We try not to get too wrapped up in the entire art competition thought process, but the entire thing is very exciting for us. “

You can listen to the entire interview down below:


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