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Bully Ray reflects on his latest WWE run, comments on his role in ROH

Bully Ray spoke with USA Today’s “For the Win” section to promote ROH’s 15th Anniversary Show. During the interview, he was asked about his most recent run in WWE. He said that he and Devone knew exactly what they got themselves into even before returning to the company. He noted that The Dudleys are a legendary act in the WWE and that they’re the most decorated tag team in the WWE and the most decorated tag team in the history of professional wrestling. He said that they went back to help the other tag teams in WWE such as The New Day and The Wyatts. He said that The New Day took steps forward after working with them and the same goes for The Wyatts as well as The Usos. He said that the run was great but did note that he believes the WWE fans were a bit disappointed because they wanted to see more out of the Dudley Boys. “Me and Devon knew we were capable of so much more. We wanted to do so much more, and we were ready to do so much more, and the fans wanted us to do so much more. But, that’s the role and the job that WWE had for us at that time. It was a mutual respect that we were going to get the job done. And we made a lot, a lot of money doing it.”

When asked about signing with Ring of Honor, he noted at the end of the day ROH is the best fit for him because he feels like he can accomplish the most in ROH and when he says accomplish he means it from a character standpoint of the view for Bully Ray. He also wants to help move the company forward and help the talents that are there become better performers. “I’m not going to Ring of Honor to wrestle every night. I don’t want to see Bully Ray every single night. If I’m a fan, I want to see Bully Ray tell stories that can lead to matches that draw money. My goal is to help Ring of Honor in that capacity — give Ring of Honor the one storyteller that they might not have had in their locker room for the past 15 years.”

You can read the entire interview here.


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