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Christopher Daniels comments on his upcoming Tag Team match against Samoa Joe & AJ Styles

Former multi-time TNA X-Division and Tag Team Champion and one-half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions “The Addiction” Christopher Daniels joined the Rack Thursday night to discuss several topics that include

On his upcoming tag team match against AJ Styles and Samoa Joe:

“Absolutely. We’ve traveled together; myself, Frankie, Joe and AJ, in one way, shape or form, the four of us have traveled and shared locker rooms for more than a decade but this will be the first time, and now the only time, all four of us will have ever been in the same match. So, I know I’m looking forward to it, Frankie is looking forward to it and I know that, more importantly, the Ring of Honor fan base is looking forward to it.”

On if there’s any pressure on them to make this a good match:

“Yeah, definitely that; I think the pressure that is there is self-inflicted. We know what we are capable of, Frankie and I know how good of a tag team we are and we know that despite that Joe and AJ don’t really tag much together or aren’t considered a full time tandem, we know how good they are as well, so I know how good we can make this match. So, any pressure we have is completely self-inflicted and self-imposed by us. We want to go out there and make a match that people are going to remember for years and I think there’s definitely, now that Joe’s future is more concrete, it’s good to know that this will be the last Ring of Honor match that he’ll have and it’s a way for the three of us to send him off.”

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