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CM Punk explains why he was “relieved” that Tony Khan bought ROH instead of Vince McMahon

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

CM Punk made a name for himself in ROH before going to WWE. He talked in his wrestling return promo on AEW Rampage about how he felt like he left pro wrestling in 2005 once he signed with WWE and he has returned to it all these years later.

Punk gave his thoughts on AEW President Tony Khan buying ROH and its video library while speaking at the post-Revolution press conference. Punk stated that he’s happy Khan bought the company because he knows it’s in good hands.

"I loved ROH so much, and I can't explain how happy that I am that my footage, it's in good hands. It's just good to know it's in the hands of somebody who will treat it well. I literally feel like my baby is in someone's hands. I know who will raise the child the right way and do good things with it. It won't get made into just some tab on a sh*tty, confusing app that's hard to navigate and the boys don't get paid anything off it."

Later in the media scrum around the 14-minute mark, Punk explained that he was relieved when he heard the news of AEW purchasing ROH as he didn’t want WWE to buy it because he didn’t want Vince McMahon to own footage of his ROH career.

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"I was relieved. Let's be honest, either Tony was gonna buy it, or Vince was gonna buy it. I don't want Vince to own my footage. He owns enough of it and I don't get paid off it."

Punk brought up asking questions about how royalties would work with the WWE Network before he left in 2014, which he covered during his famous interview on Colt Cabana’s podcast. He recalled watching his royalty checks dwindle to nothing because he only gets money from DVD sales and not from the network.

You can watch the entire scrum by clicking on the player below:

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