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Colt Cabana talks about why he left ROH in 2007, returning to the company, Jim Cornette, more

ROH Wrestling

ROH Wrestling

Colt Cabana recently appeared on The Rack Radio Show Podcast to discuss various topics. During the interview, Cabana was asked about returning to Ring of Honor and being part of the upcoming Final Battle pay-per-view event on December 2nd.

Cabana started out with ROH in 2002, and his first run with the company lasted until 2007. On April 1st of 2016, he returned to the promotion and did a promo on WrestleMania weekend and later feuded with Jay Lethal for the ROH World Title. Cabana said that he did an epic promo on why he returned at the event. He is hoping that he has a match at the Final Battle PPV event. Cabana, who is a popular wrestler on the indie scene, has been teaming up with Dalton Castle. He called the team a nice little tag team. Cabana explained that he left ROH years ago because he had a chip on his shoulder and when the new regime took over, he didn’t think they knew what his character was all about. “I don’t think it was any secret that Jim Cornette didn’t like me as a wrestler or my style,” Cabana said.

Cabana thinks that Cornette got him out of the company, which made him have a grudge against the company and as soon as his left, they wanted him back, but he told them “no thank you.” Cabana added that he thinks by coming back and bridging those gaps has been nice for his career.

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You can listen to the entire interview here.