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Dalton Castle talks about his character and his feud with Silas Young

dalton castle

Ring of Honor wrestler Dalton Castle recently spoke with Rolling Stone about his character and his feud with Silas Young. Here are the highlights.

On his character:

"I try to separate my personal life, but so much of me is the wrestler, so my lives kind of bleed together," Castle explains. "I never try to do something in wrestling that I wouldn't do as a regular human being, and that keeps me from being seen as a caricature that could be offensive or hacky. It's a fine line, a very elaborate and absurd character, but for some reason, it's working."

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On his feud with Silas Young:

"The pieces just kind of fell into place, and it happened so quickly," Castle said. "It's the classic story of fighting for something that belongs to somebody else – in this case boys. As ridiculous as it sounds, when you see it on paper, that's the story that makes the most sense: Two guys with mustaches – one terrible, the other really thick, but both with great heads of hair – both want these boys. And who doesn't want boys?"

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