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Details on why Jeff Jarrett was at ROH offices yesterday

Dave Meltzer talked about Jeff Jarrett’s meeting with Joe Koff this week on today’s Wrestling Observer radio show. Basically, the deal is that the Ring of Honor championship is supposed to be defended on the Tokyo Dome show on January 4th and there will be a couple of other Ring of Honor guys on that show. ROH contracts don’t allow their wrestlers to appear on a competing pay-per-views so Jeff needs to smooth things over with ROH before they can announce the pay-per-view.

The other thing that has been discussed is that Ring of Honor has their TV show and after Final Battle doesn’t have any shows until January so the idea is that perhaps Jarrett can work out a deal with ROH so that they could promote the Tokyo Dome show on their television show. That would give them 30 percent of the country to promote the show. That was something that was talked about and was going to be brought up so that’s likely something that was discussed in the meeting between Jarrett and Koff. Logic would say that ROH would want something in return if they were open to that idea.

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