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Former UFC fighter training at the ROH wrestling school

Former UFC fighter Matt Riddle is training at the Ring of Honor school. He just started this past weekend and is being trained by Hunter Johnson. The word on him is that he has the passon for it. Riddle won more than he lost in UFC, won more fights than he lost, and his wrestling was good but not at the level where he could beat the top fighters.

He last fought for UFC in 2013. He had two wins overturned in seven months because of a positive test for marijuana. He then signed with Bellator but had issues with the company and never fought for them. He cracked his rib before he was supposed to have his first fight in Bellator. He quit the company and claimed that he wasn't making money because Bellator didn't book him fast enough for a later fight. He last fought on February 28th for Titan Fighting Championships and beat Michael Kuiper. He was scheduled to fight in August for Titan Fighting but he pulled out because of an injury.

Riddle is a pro wrestling fan but one thing that may be tough for him is that he's got three kids and it's tougher to make money as an indie wrestler.

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