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Frankie Kazarian comments on working in ROH, recalls his time in Fortune

Frankie Kazarian recently spoke with James Walsh of Interactive Wrestling Radio about various topics. When asked about working in ROH, he said that working for the company is awesome and he’s not just saying because he is on the roster. He noted that what the ROH talents can do in the ring is unmatched. He said that since 2014, which is when he returned to the company, he said that has never seen a company with such positive upswing and that they’re just riding that wave. He said that there are a lot of guys who have come from Impact Wrestling to ROH or gone to WWE.

When asked about being in fortune in Impact Wrestling, he said that anytime you’re paired with Ric Flair it’s a dream scenario if you are a young wrestler. “I was floundering as an X Division wrestler without any real direction or purpose. That’s when Ric came up, and I was thrilled because it gave us some direction and purpose. Just being in the ring with a guy like that, you’re going to get a rub. We were never trying to compare ourselves to the Four Horsemen… You could never recapture that lightning in a bottle. But, we were associating with Ric Flair, and there were 4 of us. We had some ideas, some vignettes and stories that we could have done that would have really put us over the top as a group and individually if we would have put the time and effort into it.” He said that it never came to a pass but noted that they had a blast while doing it and is grateful for the opportunity to get to meet Flair and call him a peer.

You can listen to the interview here:

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