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Is WWE allowing AJ Styles to wrestle at this weekend's ROH event?

AJ Styles Champ

As we reported earlier on the site, AJ Styles will have his send off from ROH at Saturday’s live event in Duluth, GA. Styles will then travel to Florida for the Royal Rumble event. Styles will then be on the road with WWE full-time.

Styles will not be wrestling at the ROH event, but rather will be there for an autograph signing and a farewell speech. WWE is not allowing Styles to be featured on any ROH footage that could be used for TV.

This is a similar situation as WWE did not allow ROH to use footage of Samoa Joe on TV when he signed WWE.

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Styles will be backstage at the Royal Rumble PPV this Sunday as well as Monday’s RAW and Tuesday’s SmackDown TV tapings. He is expected to make his WWE debut very soon.

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