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Jay Lethal issues statement on Taeler Hendrix allegations

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

Jay Lethal has issued a statement following the allegations from Taeler Hendrix:

"Let me be clear, there is absolutely no validity to these baseless allegations. Throughout my career I have sought to conduct myself with honor and integrity. I would never engage in any conduct that disrespects this business or the men and women in this industry.

Every individual has a right to be heard and must be given every opportunity to speak truth to power. Anyone engaging in misconduct or abuse of any kind simply has no place in our business or our society.

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I am confident that these unfortunate allegations will be proven to be completely unfounded at the conclusion of Ring of Honor's investigation."

Lethal also called on fans not to use this statement as fuel to attack him or his accuser.

UPDATE: Hendrix has responded with text screenshots. Click here for her response.