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Final Battle: Jay Lethal retains ROH World Title, Cody Rhodes says good bye to Ring Of Honor?

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

Cody Rhodes challenged Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship in the semi-main event of Final Battle 2018 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Rhodes went into this match with a knee injury that he plans to get surgery on in January after Wrestle Kingdom. He wore a protective brace for this match. Rhodes grabbed the mic before the match got started and said, "sounds like you guys love me." Rhodes then said, "I think I love you too." Then he said that if he loved them then he would be doing the MSG show in April so "you can all kiss my ass."

Here is a rundown written in real-time:

Lethal grabbed the mic and said "this is my freaking company, jackass" and he said that he will retain his title and the shiny new toy in the company will be done and gone.

Rhodes went for a baseball slide and his knee appeared to give out on him. Todd Sinclair forced Lethal to back off but Rhodes was playing possum. He popped up and nailed lethal with a punch. Rhodes went to ringside and tossed a drink on a fan.

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Late in the match, Lethal worked on Rhodes' knee. Things turned around for Rhodes when Todd Sinclair was distracted and Brandi Rhodes speared Lethal. Rhodes hit the Cross Rhodes and almost pinned Lethal. Lethal was able to regain control of the match and then worked over the knee. Brandi went for a spear but Lethal moved and she speared her husband. Todd Sinclair was going to call for the DQ but Lethal asked him not to. Lethal went for the Lethal Injection and it looked like Cody pulled her in front of it and she took the injection. Cody hit Cross Rhodes and almost got the pin.

Rhodes locked in the figure four and it looked like the match was over when the bell rand but it was Adam Page ringing the bell. Referee Sinclair said the match was still on because he did not call for the bell. Lethal went for the figure four but was almost pinned with a roll up from Rhodes. Lethal hit the Cross Rhodes and almost pinned Rhodes.

Lethal went for the elbow off the top but Rhodes got his knees up. Rhodes hit the combination punches and elbows that were his dad's trademark. Lethal knocked Cody out of the ring and then did six consecutive running dives through the ropes on Cody. Cody got back in the ring and spit water in Lethal's face and then picked him up and dropped him on his back and shoulders. Lethal kicked out before the three count.

Sinclair took a bump, Lethal hit Cody in the knee with the title belt and then hit him with superkicks and a lethal injection. Lethal hit more consecutive superkicks and then another lethal injection but Rhodes blocked, Lethal reversed into the figure four. Rhodes tapped and Lethal is still ROH World Champion.

Marty Scurll walked into the ring and faced off with Lethal. NWA World Champion Nick Aldis walked out and then left.

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