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Jim Cornette says he would have fired The Young Bucks after ROH Final Battle

jim cornette young bucks

Jim Cornette has made no secret of his opinions about pro wrestling and how it should be executed. ROH Final Battle was a great night of wrestling featuring an ROH Six Man Tag Championship match between the Young Bucks and Hangman Page vs Flip Gordon, Titan, and Dragon Lee.

During the match, there was a spot where everyone was taken to Dropkick City concluding in a massive six-way dropkick in the middle of the ring. When Jim Cornette saw this clip, he had more than an earful to say. Thankfully, Twitter allows for more characters now because it turns out that Cornette wouldn't have just fired the Jackson brothers, but he would have also canned everyone in the match after that kind of display.

"At risk of a lot of people commenting, these guys need to be glad I'm no longer involved w/ @ringofhonor cause they would've all been fired after I slapped the shit out of them. Had hopes for ROH as a product to be taken seriously, & purposely didn't book grade school gymnasts"

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One fan commented back to Jim Cornette saying, "I’d like you try to slap grown men who are stronger, faster and younger than you. You’d get your ass kicked Jim. Stop it."

To which Cornette remarked, "I wasn't talking about slapping grown men. I was talking about slapping the Young Bucks and whoever these other sorry fucks were in this exchange of horseshit. I've taken pills bigger than any of them."

It looks like the battle continues to wage on concerning the fight of new vs old school pro wrestling. Only time will tell how it all pans out, but for now, the argument seems to continue with no sign of stopping and as long as it wages on Jim Cornette will always be there to make sure his opinion is made known.

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