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Joe Koff says The Hardys are in ROH for the immediate future, comments on Bully Ray joining the company

Joe Koff, Chief Operating Officer of Ring of Honor, recently spoke with Chuck Carroll of CBS Sports to promote Friday’s 15 Anniversary pay-per-view event. Thanks to Carroll for sending us the following:

How did the deal with the Hardy Boyz come to fruition? And how long can we expect to see them in ROH?

“The Hardyz was [an] almost serendipitous situation. We obviously had them booked for Lakeland on April 1st. At the time we set that up, they were under employment with Impact Wrestling. So, there were really no further matches involved in that other than some promos and videos promoting the match. When they chose not to renew with Impact, we saw an opportunity. They said they’d like to work a program with us leading up to the Lakeland show. And that’s how it happened, it was really that quick. We don’t really discuss terms, but they are with us for the immediate future. They want to keep their options open. We always respect that when we have stars of that magnitude or anyone we’re interested in doing a program with.”

What about Bully Ray? When was that decision made?

“Actually, that came like most situations. There were some conversations with creative, and he was available. We told him what we had in mind and how he would fit in his role in Ring of Honor. He made the decision [that] this is where he wanted to be. It was very flattering in both cases, because when talent wants to come to your organization, it says a lot about your organization. To be able to have the caliber of talent like the Hardyz for as long as we have them and Bully Ray for his contract period, the fans are benefactors, our locker room are benefactors. It all works for everyone. Well, opportunity makes itself. He was interested in a longer-term deal.”

WWE surveyed fans about content they’d like to see on the WWE Network, and Ring of Honor was one of the options listed. Were there ever any discussions about adding ROH shows to their platform?

“No. No, no, no. It’s very flattering and humbling to us. It validates what we’ve done. But let’s face it, a lot of their current competitors are ROH guys, and we have their history.”

Christopher Daniels is someone who was there for Day 1. He’s had a successful career, but never won the ROH World Title. He has a shot in Las Vegas. Give me your impression of The Fallen Angel.

“Does he deserve that shot? Yes, he deserves that shot. Will he earn it? I don’t know. I really don’t know that. I stay out of that… I have people that I entrust to do their jobs. While I like to know what’s going on, I’m not dictating what’s going on. That’s a danger.”

Other promotions are built around a handful of guys. Is Adam Cole someone you can build ROH around?

“Do I think he’s the face of the brand? I don’t. There are five or 10 other guys who, to me, have equal faces in that brand. That’s not what we do, we don’t elevate people to that level.”

In the full interview, Koff elaborated about the Hardys and Bully Ray’s futures and what led to their contract signings. We also talked about ROH’s plans for international growth. There are current talks to get clearance in two or three other countries. You can read the entire interview here.


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