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Jonathan Gresham credits Jay Lethal for his big break in Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor

ROH's Jonathan Gresham was on this week's "The Kurt Angle Show" to discuss what he learned from Booker T, how he got his break in ROH, and Terminus.

Jonathan Gresham worked for Booker T’s promotion early in his career. Gresham was asked what he learned from Booker T:

"He taught me at an early age that in wrestling you have to ask for what you want," Gresham shared.

"I really appreciate him having that conversation with me because that helped me later on in my career come out of my shell because I was a very shy individual coming up."

Gresham said he credits Jay Lethal with giving him his break in Ring of Honor:

"I was approached by Lethal after a match I had and he said to me, 'I want to work with you.' I was really low on the card, opening matches, sometimes dark matches," he revealed.

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"I was thinking to myself, 'Well, yeah, that's gonna happen. This guy is like, world champion and all this stuff.' So he leaves and we don't really have a discussion about it anymore. Then one day we're in the locker room, and he goes, 'Hey, I think we're going to wrestle each other.' Then I got word that we are, and it was taking place in North Carolina. I think it was Concord, North Carolina."

"After that match, it flipped the switch in the minds of the bookers and the people in the office to where they actually started investing in me with time and matches. and promos, and things of that nature. So if it wasn't for Lethal, I probably wouldn't be in the position I am today. That match is the start of everything for me and Ring of Honor."

Gresham talking about how Terminus originated:

"Terminus is something that my friend and I, Baron Black, who works for AEW, had. We came up together under Mr. Hughes. We would always do these independent shows with each other."

"When we were leaving and going to the next show, we would always talk about how the shows are promoted, or what we feel is wrong with the shows and stuff, and how the shows are executed. We thought we could add more to the shows, definitely more so here in Atlanta because the scene kind of died after WCW went away. There's shows on the outskirts of Atlanta, but there's nothing here in the city. So Baron and I talked for years."

"Present day, we're financially in a much better place. So we decided why not? Let's just try to do it. A lot of people think Terminus is the answer to Ring of Honor going on hiatus, but it's not, it's just the timing was just perfect for that story to be out there. That’s pretty much what it is. I wanted to do it for a long time and help wrestling come back to the Atlanta area."

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