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Kazarian comments on being a part of Samoa Joe’s last Ring of Honor match

Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion Kazarian appeared on The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast to talk about teaming with Christopher Daniels as well as working Samoa Joe’s final Ring of Honor match with AJ Styles and Daniels. Down below are the highlights.

On working with Christopher Daniels:

“It is hard to put in one short answer. The guy is my best friend, I’ve known him for pretty much the better part of the 17 years of my career. It’s great having somebody that you can rely on not just in the context of a wrestling match but also on the road, traveling here and there. We are best friends, tag team partners, our train of thought is very similar when it comes to wrestling matches and the whole business. It’s a real confidence booster knowing he’s there and takes a lot of stress off knowing how professional he is and knowing where we both are going to need to be. It’s almost like we are on cruise-control at this point, we know each other so well. When it comes to tag team wrestling all those thing make an awesome package.”

On working Samoa Joe’s final Ring of Honor match with AJ Styles and Daniels:

“Those three gentleman stood up with me at my wedding. That says it all right there. Those are three guys that I’ve traveled with and known longer than anyone else in the business and are my three best friends in the business. We all have come up together, all of our families know each other so it was a very special moment. The match we knew match quality wise was going to be there but it was afterwards really taking it in and I got to share the ring one last time with my three best friends in the business for Ring of Honor especially it was really cool and I was very aware because I used to take moments like that in my career for granted. The whole day was a great moment, especially after the match when Ring of Honor gave Joe the sendoff that he so richly deserved.


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