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Marty Scurll responds to allegation that he sexually assaulted a 16 year old girl

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

Marty Scurll took to Twitter to respond to allegations that he slept with a 16-year-old girl. It is alleged that this happened in 2015 when he wrestled for IPW UK. Scurll would have been 26 years old at the time.

She wrote:

"10th January 2015. IPWUK were running their "Weekend of Champions" event in Tonbridge.

I worked for IPW at the time, so I was at both shows that weekend, as well as the after party. By this time, it has become almost routine for Daniel Edler to constantly purchase drinks at these events, so I was incredibly drunk. Especially for a 16 year old.

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Later on that night, I bumped into Marty outside of the party venue. He spent a while saying to me that "we should go back together, let's go back to the hotel, let's f*ck." I told him, "I don't have a key for my hotel room, my friend has the only one." I remember that I did actually go inside and tell that friend that I was about to head off with Marty, but she wouldn't give me the keys because she thought it was a bad idea.

Despite knowing I couldn't get back into my hotel room, he walked me back to my hotel. For context, it was kind of an independent, small hotel. Once we got outside my room, in his empty, quiet hallway, he sat on a chair and got his penis out and told me to suck it. So I did. After a little while he found a cupboard opposite my room, full of sheets. He took me in there and got me to stand up, with my underwear pulled down. Remember, I'm 16 at this time. The whole time that he was getting me into position to stick his unprotected penis inside me, I was repeatedly saying "I'm so sorry I'm a virgin" (Disclaimer: I had actually been raped by Dan Edler before this point, which I've detailed over and over in the past to the public and the police. But......I personally still considered myself to have my virginity up until April that year). Before he had even had the chance to penetrate me, the aforementioned friend turned up and told him to leave. The next day he didn't turn up for his match. Everyone there knew we had kissed, so it was quickly circulating that I was a slut. But not the part where he sexually assaulted a drunk child. After this, Dan Edler said he'd never book him again. Because he considered me his girlfriend and he was jealous that something happened between me and another man. But that's a separate thing."

Here is Marty Scrull's response:

"I am aware that a young woman has bravely come forward with her account of sexual abuse by some members of the wrestling community in the UK 5 years ago, a community I was a part of.

Although I truly believe that our encounter that evening was consensual, and the fact that the encounter was legal; is almost not the point. I understand that she now views our encounter as part of a bigger problem within the wrestling community.

What concerns me at this moment is that from what I have been reading, she is a fan of wrestling and was made to feel unsafe within that community. This is not acceptable. I also understand that people have been attacking her on social media, and I implore you to please stop. She has a right to her voice and it is our responsibility to listen."