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Matt Hardy is still “Broken” on social media

Despite toning down their act at the ROH 15th anniversary pay-per-view, Matt Hardy is still “Broken” on social media. As noted on Friday night, Impact Wrestling sent legal letters to pay-per-view providers because their claim is that they own the Intellectual property of all “Broken” Hardy related references and the character.

At the PPV, the Hardys did not do their entrance and they did not come out in their “Broken” attire. Instead, they turned the lights off and the appeared in the ring face to face with The Young Bucks. They also could not lead the fans in the “DELETE” chants so they improvised. Instead, what they did was they did a back and forth with The Young Bucks doing the “suck it” gesture and The Hardys chopping Roppongi Vice as the fans chanted “DELETE.” The call to pull back on the “Broken” stuff was a call made by ROH after the legal letters were sent out.

However, based on the tweets below, Matt is still “Broken” so he is still continuing on with that character on social media. I said this last night and I’ll say it again…none of this looks good for Impact Wrestling even if they are legally within their rights. Impact is trying to bring fans back to their product but this is not going to help their cause.

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