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News on ROH wanting to pull talent off independent shows

There have been stories floating around online about ROH pulling talent off independent shows. I believe this story was first reported by Jason Powell at This is the latest... basically, there are two types of ROH contracts. In either case, Ring of Honor gets first priority on booking dates. In the past, the guys under exclusive (better paying) contracts were allowed to work up to three dates per month outside of ROH.

The company is trying to stop their top talent (not including AJ Styles) from working independent shows unless it's a New Japan show or something that's been approved by the ROH management. This would affect a company like PWG where much of the top ROH guys work. Kyle O'Reilly is the current champion. The feeling from ROH is that the PWG shows can be hard on the body and they don't want their guys getting hurt working for PWG. A couple of guys were hurt working in PWG and kept it quiet.

ROH also doesn't want to risk guys getting injured especially if they are building around them and they want the focus of their talent (and the people following them) to be on ROH shows.

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