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Ring of Honor announces another match for their Death Before Dishonor show on July 24th

Ring of Honor issued the following to us:

Ring of Honor’s annual DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR event is coming to you LIVE in Internet Pay-Per-View!   Emanating from Baltimore, MD on Friday, July 24th, DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR XIII is already shaping up to be a defining moment in the history of ROH.  This past weekend at Terminal 5, ROH Head Matchmaker, Nigel McGuinness, announced two monumental championship matches he has signed for DBD XIII, with Roderick Strong challenging Jay Lethal and the ROH World Tag Team Championship on the line in a Four Corner Survival!  Here’s another match confirmed for DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR on July 24th…



For nearly a year, the rookie sensation MOOSE stood undefeated in ROH, never tapping out and never being pinned.  The former NFL player was unstoppable, piling up victories.  Veda Scott made it abundantly clear that Moose ought to be pushed in front of the pack of other worthy contenders and given championship opportunities in Ring of Honor.  This posed a conflict for both Moose and his best friend, Stokely Hathaway.  As talented as Moose is, he had sworn from the beginning to do things the “right” way in professional wrestling: with hard work, humility, and patience.

Veda Scott saw things just a little differently.  Why should this monster of an athlete bother with the niceties of competition when he COULD just absolutely destroy anyone who gets in his way?  Why shake hands when you could just rip a man’s arm right out of the socket?  For Veda, the key to success is aggression and viciousness.  Victory no matter what the cost.

At virtually the same time, Cedric Alexander was having the opposite problem – he just couldn’t pull out a win.  Despite show stealing efforts against the top athletes in professional wrestling, Cedric still found himself consistently on the losing side of the coin.  He started to exhibit signs of frustration.  A begrudging handshake.  Eventually, no handshake at all.

Finally, on a recent episode of ROH TV, Cedric Alexander stood in the middle of the ring and declared he needed to start winning.  He needed to make changes.  And to show he has what it takes, he called out none other than the undefeated Moose!  The match showcased the skills and strengths of both men, with Alexander’s quickness and daring counteracted by Moose’s size and power.  To prove to Moose he needed to do anything she demanded to secure victories – no matter how ruthless – Veda Scott snatched a metal wrench from underneath the ring and instructed her client to use it.  Moose refused.  This was going too far.  This was brutality and deceitfulness that he could not stand for.

But when Cedric Alexander spied the wrench Moose and Veda were arguing over, he made a snap decision that would alter the course of his entire career.  He grabbed the wrench himself and, while the referee was unintentionally distracted by Hathaway, Cedric Alexander smashed the metal into Moose’s skull and won the match.  His satisfied expression told the story, but his words made the situation even more clear.

“I know what I have to do.”

At BEST IN THE WORLD, Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander reunited to face WAR MACHINE.  Caprice had been trying desperately to steer Cedric back on the honorable path.  But when this match looked in jeopardy, Cedric shockingly pulled out the wrench once again.  He was ready to do anything to win.  Caprice refused to allow this to happen.  And Cedric Alexander left his partner in disgust, vowing that the team was over forever.

Minutes later, Moose took on Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong in a match to determine the Number One Contender.  In the end, Strong’s Sick Kick kept Moose down for a three count.  Despite the loss, and at the urging of Hathaway, Moose accepted the Code of Honor and shook his opponent’s hand.  That’s when Veda Scott went absolutely nuclear live on pay-per-view, screaming at Moose that he was a “loser” who didn’t belong in “her” ring as long as he was going to show this sort of so-called weakness.  After shoving Stokely Hathaway, Veda even slapped Moose twice and further berated him.  For a moment it looked like Moose finally had enough…when Cedric Alexander slid into the ring and knocked him and Hathaway out with the metal wrench.   Cedric walked over to Veda and handed her the wrench as her anger transformed into a smile.  The message was clear: offer accepted.  If Moose doesn’t have what it takes to get the job done, then Cedric Alexander is ready to do anything and everything the guaruntee success.

Now the rematch between these two athletes has been signed and the stakes are higher than ever.  On July 24th in Baltimore at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, it will be MOOSE vs. CEDRIC ALEXANDER live on Internet Pay-Per-View!

Keep checking for updates on stars and matches signed for July 24th.  To get your tickets today, click HERE!



Friday, July 24th, 2015

William J Myers Pavilion

4300 West Bay Ave

Baltimore, MD 21225

Doors open @ 7:00pm / 8:00pm Bell time

*Main Event*

ROH World Championship

Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini vs. Roderick Strong

4 Corner Survival Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship

The Addiction (c) vs. War Machine vs. reDRagon vs. the Kingdom


ACH vs. Adam Page w/Colby Corino

Signed to appear…

Jay Briscoe

RPG Vice

Mark Briscoe

Adam Cole

Dalton Castle w/ The Boys

Silas Young

Will Ferrara

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