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Ring Of Honor posts an open letter to fans

The following was posted on the Ring of Honor Facebook page:

An Open Letter to Our Fans:

Dear Ring of Honor and wrestling fans,

A few days ago, a fan wrote the attached article. It’s been shared around the offices here, and it has humbled us, while at the same time filled us with pride.

The wrestlers put their bodies on the line every day and push themselves to the limit every night, delivering the best matches, no matter what city, no matter what show. Our compact staff behind the scenes works tirelessly to ensure our shows are delivered, giving fans the best experience possible, with a mindset of continuous improvement. It may be a tired cliché, but it’s absolutely true – we’ve put our blood, sweat, and tears into Ring of Honor.

That being said, the best wrestling on the planet only does so much on its own. Ultimately, what gives us the opportunity to grow, to get better, to stay hungry, to fight, to succeed, to never be satisfied, and to never be “done” – comes down to one thing:


Our fans who have been with us from the beginning, and even the ones that have just found us, it’s your passion for what we do that has allowed Ring of Honor to thrive. It’s your dedication that drives us. When we have doubters, we pull our strength from you. We become re-energized because of you. When we hear those “ROH! ROH! ROH!” chants, we push even harder, because of you.
It’s because of your excitement at shows; because you shared your passion with your friends; because you tweeted and posted about how much you enjoy our shows; because you supported your favorite wrestlers – all of that and more has put us into the position we are in today.

Thank you.

If you’re a newer fan, welcome! We hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far – there’s much more to come. If you have enjoyed our shows on TV or on, we’d like to invite you out to a live show near you to experience Ring of Honor – and the Ring of Honor community – in person. We promise to deliver only the best.

To Barry Hess, and to all of our fans and supporters around the world, we thank you. You are the reason we do this. We are all wrestling fans, but YOU are Ring of Honor.
Thank you.

-The Ring of Honor Team

Click here to read the article referenced above.

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