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Ring of Honor star suspended

Ring of Honor announced that Tomasso Ciampa is being suspended (in storylines) because of what happened over the weekend at Death Before Dishonor. Here is ROH’s statement:

After his reprehensible actions at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR in Chicago Ridge, Tommaso Ciampa has been suspended indefinitely. As an update for fans who were not in attendance in Chicago, Ciampa went to war for the ROH World Title against Michael Elgin in an absolutely brutal match. Ciampa was unsuccessful in his quest to capture the title, and after months of increasingly erratic behavior and ranting about being “overlooked,” Ciampa finally went on a rampage.

He refused the post-match Code of Honor, instead turning his frustrations on some of the hardworking members of our ring crew. But even more disgustingly, Tommaso Ciampa attacked Ring Announcer and beloved member of our family, Bobby Cruise. Cruise sustained a severe concussion after repeated knees to the head. Bobby Cruise is not a trained professional wrestler and not a physical participant in Ring of Honor. There is absolutely no excuse for targeting him. We will have further updates on Bobby as we get them.

Due to the degree of unprovoked violence and given Tommaso Ciampa’s history of instability, ROH Officials has suspended him indefinitely. There is no timetable for his return Ring of Honor is evaluating his actions with the highest severity.


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