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Roderick Strong takes a shot at Destination America for airing paranormal programming

Roderick Strong recently appeared on Busted Open of Sirius XM Radio and during that interview, he talked about ROH moving from Destination America to Comet TV and more. Here are the highlights.

On moving from Destination America to Comet TV:

"It is obviously something that's a little upsetting, the fact that we lost Destination America, just based off that exposure," said Strong. "But it's a thing with their channel that they're trying to get away from wrestling and I feel, honestly, it's their loss. With this Comet TV opportunity, it gives us the chance to be a focal point and also try to help the network itself which is kind of something we did with HDNet before, where it was not very well known and we were kind of trying to help each other out like a buddy system. I think that's the same situation we're in now with Comet TV and I think obviously with the more exposure that we've had, this is just a bigger opportunity for Comet TV and us. I hope it just continues to add to the exposure and we just make the best of it."

On Destination America doing more paranormal programming:

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"The fact that people watch shows like that is ridiculous. I've sat on that channel and I've watched some of it and I'm like, 'There is no way people are thoroughly entertained by this kind of thing.' But I guess they had some special and it did really well in ratings and it's something they want to go more towards, which is fine with me because I know what Ring of Honor brings to the table and I really think they're missing out."

You can listen to the interview on Sirius XM On Demand. Also, check out