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ROH Final Battle full results and recap

ROH’s Final Battle was a huge night for pro wrestling and the Manhatten Center was ready for ROH’s final show of the year. Let’s get right to the action because this was a loaded show.

Will Ospreay vs Matt Taven

These two put on a very entertaining contest to start things off. There was a lot of back and forth and in the first seconds of the match, Ospreay kicked Taven in the head and hit a big splash on the rest of The Kingdom.

The finish came after Ospreay went to the well of jumping on The Kingdom one too many times and caught a dropkick to the back of the head from Taven. All it took was one Climax after that and it was all she wrote.

Winner: Matt Taven


The Addiction vs War Machine

Ray Rowe took a lot of damage in this match but he dished out plenty too. Everyone in this match worked really hard and deserve a lot of credit because the first match was a hard one to follow. But they did it well and had the crowd in the palm of their hand.

In the end, War Machine won with The Fallout

Winner: War Machine


Mary Scurll vs Jay Lethal

Scurll wanted to turn Lethal into a villain in this match and although he might not have done that entirely, he still brought a new side out of Jay.

They fought really hard and this match was full of brilliant counters. The crowd was really into this match as well and it included several nice spots like when Marty went outside to get his white umbrella but Jay grabbed it and while the ref was taking the white umbrella, Marty went to get a black umbrella to whack Lethal with it.

There was some really good storytelling going on in this match for sure but Scurll eventually got caught in the Lethal Injection and took the pinfall.

Winner: Jay Lethal


The Best Friends vs The Motor City Machine Guns (ROH World Tag Team Championships)

The Best Friends and Motor City Machine Guns tore the house down at ROH Final Battle. Each team really wanted to outdo the other and they kept topping it with one high spot after another for a while.

In the end, the Best Friends would find that that the MCMG were too much for them as they ended up taking a pinfall.

Winners and still champions: Motor City Machine Guns


Punishment Martinez vs Kenny King vs Silas Young vs Shane Taylor (ROH TV Championship Four Way Elimination Match)

Punishment Martinez had a very creepy entrance that was something straight out some gothic/post-apocalyptic nightmare. Young as was out to prove he’s the last real man and he brought extra beer to do the job.

Shane Taylor is just an intimidating Cleveland due in the best shape of his life ready to knock anyone out who happens to be in his way. But of course, Kenny King was the champion and he had plenty to be confident about.

Shane Taylor was eliminated after Kenny King hit the Royal Flush and Punishment Martinez landed a twisting senton for a pinfall.

Silas Young hit a crossbody block on Martinez on the outside and King went outside to hit the shotgun knees to Punishment Martinez against the barricade. King and Young double-teamed Martinez for a bit while the crowd chanted “Vampiro.”

Silas held Martinez up and King hit a blockbuster from the apron to the floor which was an innovative piece of offense. Once the action returned to the ring, alliances were called off as the three men fought on.

Martinez almost won but the Beer City Bruiser who was with Silas Young jumped in to break up the pin. Silas took out Punishment and really did some damage against the barricade. Once they got back inside, Young hit Punishment with Misery and got the win to become the new ROH Television Champion.

Winner and NEW ROH Television Champion: Silas Young


Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer vs The Briscoes (New York City Street Fight)

Bully Ray hot a big cross body on both Briscoes for a huge “ECW” chant from the crowd. The ECW alumni used trashcans against their opponents which were the same trashcans that the ring crew uses to collect the streamers so it was both violent and colourful.

Tommy Dreamer rolled out of the ring and soon returned with the kitchen sink, literally which he used as a weapon. Then Bully went to get a table and Mark Briscoe hit a dropkick on the smashing against Bully’s head busting him open. What would follow was a very bloody ordeal complete with a cheese grater getting involved shaving the skin from Bully’s head.

The Briscoes wrapped Tommy Dreamer’s neck in a chair and hit a neckbreaker. Bully launched Mark Briscoe over the top rope but Jay Briscoe was still in the ring to fight on. Both Bully Ray and Jay Briscoe grabbed chairs and Jay hit Bully’s chair causing it to smash off of his head.

It was a great match with everyone trading moves, but in the end, Bully Ray ended up going through a table and taking a pinfall.

Winners: The Briscoes

Then they announced in 2018 they will finally crown a Women Of Honor Championship.


The Hungbucks vs Flip Gordon and Dragon Lee & Titan (ROH Six Man Tag Team Championships)

This was a huge fast paced match and everyone had a great time but of course, The Young Bucks stole the show as always. Flip Gordon fought hard and so did Dragon Lee and Titan but it was pretty obvious who the favorite was in the match.

There was a fun spot near the end where Gordan was left alone in the ring with all three Hungbucks just chopping away until they hit a Triple Superkick.

The finish came after Hangman Page scooped up Gordon and Lee while the Jacksons hit Indytakers off of opposing top ropes for the win.

Winners and still champions: The Hungbucks


Cody Rhodes vs Dalton Castle (ROH World Championship Match)

When Cody Rhodes took down his hood during his entrance he was sporting bleach blonde hair which got a nice pop. People were very surprised to see him switch up his appearance like that. But later on, after Dalton Castle countered a move where Cody was trying to crotch him against the ring post and Cody was busted open… it looked very cool.

There was almost a Ric Flair look to a bleach blonde Cody Rhodes bleeding all over himself that really added a sence of nostalgia to this match.

Dalton Castle’s henchmen The Boys got involved and Brandi Rhodes hit both of them with a top rope splash to the outside causing the referee to eject everyone from ringside.

In the end, Castle would kick out of a Crossroads, but Cody couldn’t kick out of Dalton’s Bang-A-Rang.

Winner and NEW ROH World Champion: Dalton Castle

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