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ROH star Rok-C: "I don’t want my body to start breaking down too fast. I try not to do a bunch of this crazy stuff"

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor Women's World Champion Rok-C was interviewed today on Wrestling Observer Live to talk about ROH, training under Booker T, her influences in wrestling, and more.

Here are some highlights:

Rok-C recently won the Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship in a tournament final over Miranda Alizee. She was asked what that match meant to her:

“It was really cool. For one, me and Miranda are both from Texas, and we both trained at Booker T’s school, as well as we both trained under Daga. I think it’s cool that we learned under the same people. She was also my first match at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling. I was like 17 or 16. We had our second match on the indies, so to have our third match on a Ring of Honor PPV, and for the Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship, I thought that was amazing. My family was there. A lot of my family and friends were watching from Texas, and then my Mom and my Dad were there. So, they were able to come into the ring with me to celebrate when I won. My Mom was crying. My Mom literally cried five times on that trip before the match had even happened. She’s such a big part of my journey. The moment that I said I wanted to become a professional wrestler when I was 10 years old, she was 100% supportive. To have her there made that moment 10 times more special.”

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Rok-C talking about the first time she met Booker T:

“Booker T is awesome. I remember the first time I met him. It was actually like a Rise/Reality of Wrestling show. I did a seminar, so that was the first time I went up to Booker. They would choose someone from the seminar to have a match. I ended up getting chosen to do two matches. After that, I asked him for critiques. He gave me such good advice. I remember I was talking to him and my mind drifted for a second, and I was like, ‘Wait. Am I talking to Booker T right now’, and then I was like, ‘Ok, back to reality.”

Rok-C explaining the advice she was given to have a long career:

“I was told from a very young age when I started wrestling, ‘You’re really young and you can do so much, so, preserve your body and don’t do all this crazy stuff because it’s going to cost you.’ That always stuck with me because I want to do this for a really long time. I don’t want my body to start breaking down too fast. I try not to do a bunch of this crazy stuff. I also feel like you can do so much with so little just by telling a story instead of doing all these crazy dives and what not.”

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