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ROH star was recently hit by a car

Tracy Williams was hit by a car earlier this week.

The ROH World Tag Team Champion took to Twitter to share the incident happened on Thursday while walking his dog. A man ran a red light going less than 25mph and hit him with the car while Williams was crossing the street.

He wrote the following:

“Firstly, I’ll be okay. I got full on hit by a car yesterday x-ing the street. Guy blew a red going ~25mph. I flew for what felt like a full second, landed high on my back. Just so unbelievably lucky & grateful that my dog who was walking with me was somehow not hit & she’s okay,” Williams wrote.

He continued, “I’d take the hit for her any day & it could’ve been so much worse. There are a lot of things about it that were lucky in that weird way. Like, it’s lucky this a—–e idiot driver hit a 32 y/o pro wrestler & not the old couple that was crossing from the other side in front of me. Also I now know that the times I said ‘I feel like I got hit by a car’ I really wasn’t THAT far off. Also annoying it wasn’t on camera because it must have looked insane.”

As seen in the photo, Williams was apparently in a hospital at one point with a neck brace on. However, he’s now at home to recover.

“Ah dang I should give the detail that I’m home with my dog & not like laid up in the hospital. Thanks for being so kind everyone. [red heart emoji x 2] Pls look where you’re driving, not everyone out there chose to spend their life getting their body accustomed to being flung through the air.”

Williams currently holds the ROH World Tag Team Titles with Rhett Titus. He signed a new deal with the promotion this past January.


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