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Samoa Joe returned to ROH and he will appear on AEW Dynamite



Jonathan Gresham defeated Bandido to become the undisputed ROH World Champion at ROH Supercard of Honor.

Despite assurances that were made earlier, Chavo Guerrero broke his promise to Bandido about wanting no interference in the match. Chavo got involved to help Bandido about 15 minutes into the match when he shoved Bandido on the way during an offensive spot from Gresham. Later on, Gresham tried a move off the ropes but Chavo nailed him in the head with the belt and Bandido yelled for Chavo to be banned from the ringside area.

Gresham won the match moments later to unify the World Titles after an excellent back and forth filled with near falls. It was an amazing match. After the match, Gresham and Bandido hugged.

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Gresham grabbed the microphone but was interrupted by Jay Lethal. Lethal said he should be the first person to challenge for the ROH World Championship. Things got heated as Sonjay Dutt ran in to break them up. It was a swerve because Dutt and Lethal attacked Gresham. Lee Moriarty ran in to help Gresham but he was attacked too.

Samoa Joe made his way out to the ring to a massive pop. Lethal backed away as Joe choked out Dutt. Ian Riccaboni announced that Joe will be on AEW Dynamite.

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