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WATCH: Taeler Hendrix fires back at hecklers during independent wrestling show

Angel Gonzalez / River City Wrestling

Angel Gonzalez / River City Wrestling

The Taeler Hendrix-Jay Lethal story continues to gain more traction as Hendrix gave more details on the timeline of her exit from Ring Of Honor and what she says led to her leaving the company in April 2017.

Unfortunately, the allegations have led to some fans deciding to heckle her and it happened on Friday night during an independent wrestling show in San Antonio, TX.

As you can see below, Hendrix took the microphone to fire back at fans chanting things out her. What was not caught on video was fans chanting "Jay Lethal," "Red Machismo," and "ROH" at her. Hendrix fired back, "If you want to stand up for sexism, then I've got one question, what channels have you been on?"

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