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Taeler Hendrix responds with text screenshots after Jay Lethal's statement on allegations

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

Taeler Hendrix has posted screenshots on Twitter from 2017, allegedly sent to her by Jay Lethal.

Here is what she said in a tweet from early Sunday morning:

"We take these matters very seriously. ?? I've gotten threats, harrasment for saying what was told to me at a live event in person. Once the office did nothing I left the company in April of 2017."

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Here are tweets sent out by Hendrix after Jay Lethal's statement on the allegations (first one was in response to Bryan Alvarez):

"never claimed to be under contract. never claimed to be fired. I left in April 2017. your boy sent me these texts before he pulled me aside at a live event and told me what he told me."

"deny all you want. you sent me this before you pulled me aside at a live event, told me what you told me. just because the business has been a certain way for so long. I'm tired of it and I'm fighting for what's right."

As previously noted, Hendrix' claim is that Lethal told her that she was pulled off ROH TV because she would not sleep with Lethal. Ring Of Honor says they are conducting an investigation into her claim and Lethal says that none of what she claims actually happened. I guess we'll see if there are more text messages yet to be released or if there are other people out there to either corroborate or deny her claims.