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Taeler Hendrix talks about her goals, ROH, Women of Honor, more

ROH Wrestling

ROH Wrestling

Ring of Honor star Taeler Hendrix recently spoke with Crave Online about her current role in ROH and more. During the interview, Hendrix was asked about what fans can expect from the Women of Honor, which is the promotion’s women’s division. “We’re going to prove just why Women of Honor is here and why we aren’t going to die down or die out,” Hendrix said. She added that they are here to represent a generation and the best wrestling on the planet.

When asked what else she wants to accomplish, she said that that there are so many things she wants to accomplish in her pro wrestling career and that it is an exciting time for her. “Everything I’ve ever wanted to do in my life I’ve either already accomplished in some capacity or I’m on my way to doing so,” Hendrix said. She added that she is about to publish her first installment of her children’s books in January.

You can read the entire interview here.

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