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The very latest on the Michael Elgin situation with Ring of Honor

The latest on the Michael Elgin/ROH situation is that Michael Elgin is scripted into the show on Saturday. The post on Facebook last night is a likely a shoot. If he doesn’t show up at the TV tapings this week then he’s probably worked himself into his own firing starting from that worked “quitting” on twitter. The deal on twitter where he quit was his idea so that he could show up as a surprise. For those that missed Elgin’s post last night here it is below:


We already have the flight bought (which you should have gotten already). No room to eat the costs. It will all be fine and you can come back and get back to normal. There is really no choice because if you are not in Florida it will get messy and we don’t want that.

We want to finish this out and then we can see what to do next.

In Florida we will do a match and an interview. In the interview you need to apologize and be sure to reference Kalamazoo by name since it is a TV market. Do NOT mention the visa situation. Just say that you have had personal issues that kept you away. Reference the World Title and say you respect Jay Briscoe. It doesn’t need to be long but we need to make sure you talk about your remorse for missing events, etc.

Lets just do this the easy way and get through the tapings starting fresh. You have been great here for the last couple years and it is in all of our best interests to keep it going like it was before. I don’t want to see you make another mistake so it is best to listen to us in this regard.



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