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The Young Bucks on Marty Scurll deciding to stay with ROH instead of joining AEW

Last month it was revealed that Marty Scurll had signed a big money deal to stay with Ring of Honor that will give him booking power and allow him to wrestle for other promotions.

Before this deal was made, many fans thought that he would go to AEW due to his friendship with Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. However, he decided to stay with ROH

In an interview with, The Young Bucks talked about Scurll's decision to stay with Ring of Honor.

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Nick started out by stating, “We were kind of feeling him out for a while now and he always was very vague with us, anytime we would bring up storylines and stuff. So, we pretty much got the hint three months ago or so. And we realized, ‘Okay, he’s staying put.’ Good for him, though. And that he knows how we feel, it’s a business. Yeah, it would’ve been great to have him with us because we’re good friends, but he got a great deal out of it and he seems to be very happy. He’s definitely going to try to paint his path on his own and more respect to him for doing that. We’re all cool though.”

Matt chimed in by stating, “I feel the same way. Marty got a great offer and I think he wanted it to be more than just a wrestler and he got an opportunity to do that. And Marty is a clever guy and he’s very talented. I love him and I hope nothing but the best for him. And I hope he can make the place he’s working a better place.”

Matt later added that “if you can pinpoint any person right now that can help them, it’s him. Good on them, and I’m happy for Marty.”

It’s been reported that AEW had some interesting plans for Scurll if he decided to join AEW. You can read all about it here.