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The Young Bucks on their feud with The Hardys, Impact Wrestling limiting The Hardys’ “Broken” characters, more

Current ROH Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of to talk about various topics. During the interview, they were asked about their ladder match with The Hardys at ROH’s Supercard of Honor event. Nick said that they are better than any other team in the world. He said that they are their own brand and own genre. He said that they have become larger than any active team and they did it all on their own and without the help of a billion dollar wrestling company. He said that no one is bigger or better than the machine, but they are definitely the best tag team of the last decade. He said that the four of them climbed ladders and actually brainstormed ideas for their match at Supercard of Honor event. He said that they all came up with ideas for the match while standing 10 feet high on ladders. Matt added that once they climbed the ladders, ideas started coming up and they thought it was a perfect way to end the story.

When asked about Impact Wrestling’s attempt to limit The Hardys’ “Broken” characters with a lawsuit claiming they had the rights to the characters. Nick said that he was very upset due to the feud originally planned to go on until June. “They pretty much screwed up their whole deal with the Hardys, which is why we had to jump start the whole angle.” Matt added that they were definitely disappointed because Impact tried to do that to The Hardys. “We took it very personal because not only were they taking aim at our good friends, but it was also affecting our segments. It ended up being fine, because we worked around it, but it was definitely agitating.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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