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The Young Bucks sign a two-year deal with Ring Of Honor

Scott Finklestein

Scott Finklestein

Following Friday night's challenge from Matt Hardy to The Young Bucks, it became obvious that The Bucks had worked out a deal to remain with Ring Of Honor. Their contracts were due to expire on 12/31 but it looks like the money offer was too good to pass up.

Dave Meltzer reported on Saturday that they have indeed signed two-year deals with ROH and New Japan Pro Wrestling. The duo will be getting a significant increase in pay next year and they will get a second increase in 2018. It was never said by them but it is believed that there was interest from WWE. WWE has shown interest in them in the past but The Bucks turned them down because they could get more money elsewhere. Matt Jackson confirmed the news on his twitter account (scroll down).

As far as Matt and Jeff Hardy, their contracts allow them to do the ROH show and, according to Meltzer, it is scheduled for April 1st in Lakeland, FL at the Jenkins Arena, which is the night before WrestleMania in Orlando.

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The video played during Final Battle was reportedly signed off by TNA at the 11th hour. There had been speculation that this meant that The Bucks would appear on the Total Nonstop Deletion episode of Impact Wrestling but that is not the case and there is no deal for anyone in ROH to work in TNA. With Aroluxe Marketing in charge of TNA, this could open the door to a working relationship between both sides and TNA was cooperative with allowing the Hardy video to air and allowing Brandi Rhodes to appear alongside husband Cody Rhodes.

The Bucks' new deal is for U.S. and Japanese dates but they would be able to take other overseas dates as long as they don't conflict with their ROH and NJPW dates. The one exception for the United States is that they will still be allowed to work for PWG.