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Tony Khan is teasing big Ring of Honor news coming out soon.

Since buying the promotion this past March, Khan has integrated ROH into weekly AEW programming. ROH Titles are regularly defended on Dynamite and Rampage. AEW talent has also been used on ROH pay-per-views under Khan's regime.

So far, Khan has run two ROH pay-per-views since acquiring the company and hopes to have one more in 2022. While speaking with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Khan said he hopes to bring ROH to weekly television in 2023.

“We’ll have great news soon about Ring of Honor weekly shows. The success of Death Before Dishonor on pay-per-view has ensured there will be more Ring of Honor pay-per-views. Our goal is to have one more great pay-per-view for Ring of Honor in 2022 and then follow that up with a weekly show in 2023.”

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ROH Death Before Dishonor was held in January and did over 36,000 buys on pay-per-view. The third and final ROH PPV this year could be Final Battle, historically held in December. This was the final PPV event last December under the old regime before they sold it to Khan.

On tonight's special Tuesday night Dynamite, Chris Jericho will defend the ROH World Title against Dalton Castle.