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WATCH: Full version of Adam Cole’s ROH farewell speech with transcript

As noted, former ROH World Champion Adam Cole gave his farewell speech at Sunday night’s ROH TV tapings in Philadelphia. It’s been reported that he is expected to sign with WWE soon and be featured on the NXT brand. Thanks to Michael Hottle for sending us the transcript and videos of Cole’s speech:

“Thank you Adam”, “Please Don’t Go”, & “Speech” chants filled The 2300 Arena as Adam Cole asks, “Who’s ready for story time with Adam Cole baybay?” A “We will miss you” rang out. Cole then delivered his farewell address to the ROH crowd.

“I fell in love with pro wrestling at the young age of nine years old and I was infatuated with guys like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock and all the countless superstars that I saw. But what really made me decide that I wanted to be a professional wrestler was Ring of Honor. [applause]

I’ve said this countless times and it’s the truth, this place- not just the locker room, not just the camera men, not just the referees, but all of you, we are one big, giant family. The love and respect that each and every one of you have shown me is the reason I can stand before you here today nine years a pro wrestler, three times a world champion traveling the globe because you guys thought I was good enough. No matter what happens going forward, I just want each and every one of you to know that I deeply love you and Ring of Honor will always be my home. And I’ll end it with this, since she’s here, Mom- Happy Mother’s Day!”

Cole’s music hits as the crowd applauded. Cole held up his index finger indicating “one more time”. Cole bent down and throws ‘em up as the crowd let out a thunderous, “ADAM COLE BAYBAY!!!” The crowd chants “Thank you Adam” as he departs.

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