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WATCH: Young Bucks vs Santa pokes fun at recent controversy

young bucks santa

If you saw ROH Final Battle then you're well aware of the spot during the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship match where everyone took a dropkick in the middle of the ring. Well, this kind of rubbed Jim Cornette the wrong way. In fact, Corney said he would have fired everyone in the match as soon as they got backstage if he still ran ROH.

It turns out that Santa Claus must have seen Final Battle because when he showed up to take on The Young Bucks this year, things looked awfully familiar. So far Jim Cornette hasn't commented on Old Saint Nick's "spot monkey" antics.

This was just an amazing little video and caps off the Holiday Season just the right way.

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This was also a dig at Chase Sherman who commented about the clip saying, "grown men watch this."

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